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Sales and installation of electronic equipment

Desktop pen / notebook computer, printer and its peripheral products, router switch and other network communication equipment, server, storage array, etc., LED display screen, various splicing screens, touch screen, cash register, scenic spot, community, plant area, enterprise intelligent equipment, monitoring and security, building intercom, music broadcast, emergency alarm, WiFi coverage, parking lot road gate, pedestrian gate equipment, etc, General wiring construction, equipment maintenance


Construction and promotion

Mobile phone shopping mall, website development, website building, marketing website construction, responsive website design, pure H5 website construction, WeChat official account, small program, network promotion, BUG repair, short video shooting and other services. 400


Development and sales (including games)

Customized development of various games / industry software, chain system, three-level distribution, customized development of various end / page games, office system, encryption system, cloud system, Internet of things system, big data analysis system, bathing, entertainment, catering, hotel, bar, leisure club, tea house, Internet bar, purchase, sale and storage, membership, auto parts, beauty, network security, system security, enterprise management software, Industry management software

Classic case

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Emergency command center

Shangrao, Yiyang, Guangfeng, Anfu Installation and construction

Monitoring and security center

In the administrative compound of West Lake District Scheme, equipment and construction

Virtual studio

An air force in Wuhan Scheme, equipment and construction

Weak current synthesis

Group telephone, network, WiFi Equipment and construction

Intelligent scenic spot

A complete set of smart scenic spots Scheme, equipment and construction

Monitoring security

Jiangxi Express Center Scheme, equipment and construction

Programme demonstration

What you hear is what you see is what you see
Click to view Intelligent scenic spot

Smart scenic spot (hardware part), software part can contact us if necessary

Click to view WIFI coverage

Hotel catering, crowd gathering WiFi coverage

Click to view Monitoring security

Multi building centralized monitoring, full digital monitoring equipment, upgrading and transformation scheme

Click to view Smart public toilet scheme

Scenic spot, intelligent public toilet in high-speed service area

Click to view Software APP

Live app development plan, from server architecture, streaming channel, logo design, mascot, expression pack, gift, payment interface, APP launch one-stop

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